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The MalleoTrain orthopedic brace is used to treat a sore ankle joint following injury, surgery or osteoarthritis.

  • Helps to relieve pain
  • Helps to reduce swelling
  • Breathable material, gentle on your skin

Product Description

Two individually fitted and contoured cushions (pads) on the inner and outer malleolus help to reduce effusions. The three-dimensional knit sits comfortably and stimulates circulation.


The MalleoTrain orthopedic brace helps you every step of the way, quickly allowing you to walk again without pain. With every movement you make, the two pads also become active, massaging the ankle joint. The pads are covered in a breathable knit, with a compressive effect which provides the ankle with an intermittent compression massage, thereby improving circulation and helping to reduce swelling.


MalleoTrain is one of the Train orthopedic braces that have already won two awards for their functionality and design. Patients like it because it is easy to put on, does not slip and sits firmly and comfortably in position, while physicians appreciate its anatomical shape and its stabilizing effect on the musculature.

Product Features

  • 01 Reduced pressure at the edges prevents constriction
  • 02 Three-dimensional Train knit for a perfect fit
  • 03 Viscoelastic pads support lateral and medial stabilization of the ankle and accelerate the absorption of edemas and effusions
  • 04 High elasticity makes the support easy to put on and take off
  • 05 Breathable Train knit gentle on the skin and extremely comfortable to wear
  • 06 Reduced pressure at the edges prevents constriction


  • Postoperative and posttraumatic irritation (e.g. after sprains)
  • Joint effusions and swellings from osteoarthritis and arthritis
  • Tendomyopathies
  • Ligamental weaknesses

Required Measurements


Size Circumference (cm)
2 19 - 21
3 21 - 23