6″ Knee-O-Trakker

6″ Knee-O-Trakker

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The Target Knee-O-Trakker by Corflex provides medial or lateral stabilization for patella mal-tracking conditions and features a unique and compact and low profile design. Its length of only 6 inches helps reduce the slippage issues.

Product Description

Features textured C-shaped buttress for maximum patella control and versatile strapping system that provides dynamic treatment with adjustable tension control. Manufactured from premium grade latex-free neoprene or CoolTex, a neoprene alternative; and compression moulded textured neoprene buttress.

The contoured shape of the Knee-O-Trakker results in less bunching in the popliteal area when the knee goes into flexion. It may also be worn under a custom knee brace for patella control. 


  • Indicated for patella subluxation
  • Patello-femoral syndrome
  • Part of a rehabilitation program for patella tendon injuries

Required Measurements 

Measurement is taken at mid-patella

Size Mid-Patella
XS 12”- 13”
S 13”- 14”
M 14”- 15”
L 15”- 16”
XL 16”- 18”
2XL 18”- 20”
3XL 20”- 22”
4XL 22"-24"