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AchilloTrain Pro

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AchilloTrain Pro systematically counteracts irritation to the Achilles tendon through stabilization and compression.

  • Anatomically optimal shape
  • Breathable material
  • Supports and mobilizes

Product Description

The brace promotes muscular stabilization whilst a shaped insert (pad) with two wings and nubs massages the muscle-tendon transition. A groove running down the middle of the pad improves the drainage of edemas. Mobility is eased and assisted.


AchilloTrain Pro uses a therapeutically effective combination of stabilization and mobility. The continuous transition between compression and decompression during movement promotes healing and improves the interaction of nerves and muscles. This is assisted by the integral visco-elastic pad, which stimulates the tissue above the heel by means of the soft nubs and longitudinal grooves. To the right and left, two additional wings stimulate the upper third of the tendon and the muscle-tendon transition.


The integral expansion zones in the anatomically contoured AchilloTrain Pro orthopedic brace make it easier to put on and take off; it can be worn on the right or the left. The breathable material increases wearing comfort. The short knitted section in the metatarsal area prevents pressure points.

Product Features

  • 01 Reduced pressure at the edges prevents constriction
  • 02 Three-dimensional Train knit for a perfect fit
  • 03 Viscoelastic pads support lateral and medial stabilization of the ankle and accelerate the absorption of edemas and effusions
  • 04 High elasticity makes the support easy to put on and take off
  • 05 Breathable Train knit gentle on the skin and extremely comfortable to wear
  • 06 Reduced pressure at the edges prevents constriction


  • Achillodynia (tendonitis, paratendinitis, bursitis, e.g. in Haglund's deformity)
  • Postoperative, e.g. of Achilles tendon rupture

Required Measurements 

Size Circumference
2 19 - 21
3 21 - 23