Comfy EMS  Stimulator
Comfy EMS  Stimulator
Comfy EMS  Stimulator

Comfy EMS Stimulator

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This dual-channel Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) unit is used to treat long term muscle pain. It's portable and can be used in a clinic setting or at home.

Product Description 

It contains 3 different modes of treatment with different types of stimulation patterns. A timer is also displayed on the screen and a low battery indicator for convenience.

What's Included

  • One (1) package of 4 reusable self-adhesive electrodes

  • One (1) set of 43” pin lead wires

  • One (1) 9V battery

  • One (1) carrying case

  • One (1) instruction manual


Treatment for the following Conditions:

  • Muscle Pain Relief
  • Fix Neck Pain
  • Tension Headache Treatment
  • Knee Pain Relief
  • Reduce Spasms

 Product Specifications 

Channels 2, Analog
Amplitude mA 0 - 100
Pulse Rate Hz 2 - 150
Pulse Width uS 50 - 300
Modes (types of stim patterns) 3
Adj Ramps Yes
Pre-Programs No
Customizable Prgrams No
Selt Test No
Auto-Power Off No
Program Lock -
Compliance Monitor Yes
Timer Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Battery 9 V
Warranty 3 yrs
MDALL 73510