IT3 Performance ITB Sleeve

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The IT3 treats ITB Syndrome and related pain. Hypoallergenic gel support system keeps the sleeve in place while active. Easily slips on and off with a thin profile that fits under all apparel, even tights.

Product Description

The high-performance design delivers three different zones of compression. This is a product that is comfortable and easy to wear daily - plus it won't migrate down the leg.

Each package contains one (1) IT3 sleeve.

Product Features

  • Advanced patent-pending medical device for ITB Syndrome and leg fatigue
  • Easy-on fit for continuous support
  • Soft, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Medical Grade Support
  • Wear comfortably under all apparel while exercising for extra protection and injury prevention
  • Patented Compression Zone Technology
  • Sized and shaped to fit for ultimate performance


  • ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome)
  • Upper Lateral Knee Stress

Required Measurements


Size Above Patella Circumference
Inch Cm
S 12 - 16 30 - 40
M 14 - 18 35 - 45
L 16 - 20 40 - 50
XL 18.5 - 22.5 47 - 57