Marathon Active Lace Up Ankle Stabilizer

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Features the same high level of security and support you've come to trust from professional ankle taping without the costly time and expense 

Product Description

  • Anatomically designed to support and protect the ankle; utilizes a dual figure-8 strapping system to simulate a professional taping technique; ventilated fabric tongue and Achilles Comfort panel provide added comfort; wide
    elastic Tib/Fib strap for added proximal compression
  • Constructed of durable ballistic nylon, ventilated spacer fabric, nylon figure-8 straps, removable plastic stays and a wide elastic compression strap


  • Treatment of moderate ankle sprains
  • Strains
  • Ankle instability and weakness
  • Prophylactic use

Required Measurements

Measurement is circumference from base of the heel around ankle

Size Circumference from Base
of Heel around Ankle
2XS 9”- 10”
XS 10”- 11”
S 11”- 12”
M 12”- 13”
L 13”- 14”
XL 14”- 15”
2XL 15”- 16”
3XL 16”+