Neck & Neck Cervical Pillow

Neck & Neck Cervical Pillow

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Product Description

This 4-in-1 versatile neck pillow is the only pillow you'll ever need to sleep with at night! With 4 ergonomic sleeping options, you can choose which position best fits your needs.

Product Features

The surface of the pillow has a pleated and peaked texture providing air circulation, moisture build-up reduction, and aids in the reduction of pressure points causing pain and stiff necks. More specifically, the peaked side of the pillow is flatter, which provides two options of a higher/firmer sleeping height. The pleated side is more contoured which provides both high and low-end support, also providing a comfortable and supportive fit.

Fits a queen size pillow case

Dimensions: 21" L x 16" W x 4" H (smaller curve) x 4.75" (larger curve)

*Due to hygenic reasons, pillows are non-returnable and non-refundable.