Sanctband 3 pack Recovery Kit with TENS unit

Sanctband 3 pack Recovery Kit with TENS unit

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Product Description

The Recovery Bundle includes what is needed to allow continued therapy at home whether you’re suffering from low back pain or rotator cuff tendinitis.  The Sanctband 3 pack includes 3 levels of resistances, light, medium and heavy resistances, to allow the progression of strengthening and conditioning exercises. 4 sample sizes of different pain-relieving topicals are included to help alleviate pain and inflammation. Take advantage of the added benefit of having a personal tens unit at home for daily and post-exercise pain control.

Product Feature

Bundle includes:

  • Sanctband band 3 pack 
  • Economy Hot / Cold Gel Pack, 10" x 12" (single)
  • Comfy digital TENS unit
  • 1 Pack of self adhesive electrodes, ValuTrode 2x2" Square (4/pack)
  • 4x Analgesic Gel Samples