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Unloader One

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Designed to relieve osteoarthritis knee pain and wearing it may help improve mobility. It features Össur's patented 3-point Leverage System, which combines a single hinge with dual Dynamic Force System™ straps to generate unloading of the affected knee joint.


Clinical studies demonstrate that this system may relieve osteoarthritis knee pain and improve function and quality of life while being worn. Color-coded Quick Fit buckles make donning and doffing simple, while flexible shells and breathable liners are designed to improve comfort and reduce migration, thus helping to ensure compliance.


  • Dual Dynamic Force System™ (DFS) straps provide unloading of the knee joint, which may result in pain reduction while being worn.
  • Lightweight frame, perforated for flexibility and ventilation, with flexible, low profile upright hinge that contours to patient anatomy and allows use underneath clothing.
  • Tool-free Smart Dosing dials enable fine-tuned management of the unloading force and can be adjusted even when wearing the brace under clothing.
  • Color-coded Quick Fit buckles enable easy application and removal.
  • Proprietary Sensil silicone liners are designed to reduce migration.
  • Unloader One is easy to adjust in the field, to fit an individual‘s contour.



  • Moderate to severe unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative meniscal tears
  • Other knee conditions that may benefit from unicompartmental unloading


Circumference measurement: 6" (15 cm) below mid-patella